LUX means light in Latin. We want to solve “light problems” using MEMS based technology.
마우스 아이콘
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Since the civilization of mankind, humans have fulfilled their desire for light from the sun. However, because moonlight was not enough to satisfy human desires, artificial light came out to light up the darkness. But even at dark nights, the continuous light causes light pollution, and excessive artificial light can degrade the cognitive ability, causing accidents and breaking the human rhythm.

From now on, MEMSLUX is going to create a world where you can use light that is gentle and comfortable in the dark, shining only the areas you want to enlight.


The optical sheet of MEMSLUX is transparent and do not usually reveal their presence. So it can be applied anywhere in the background and places that you want, and it goes well with its surroundings.
The key technology of MEMSLUX is that the optical sheet is thin and transparent, and at the same time light is emitted in one direction only. Light is emitted only in the areas where optical sheets are attached, allowing users to view objects with high visibility without glare.
The ability to cut out the light emitting parts is another feature of the MEMSLUX optical sheet. Depending on users needs and purposes, the MEMSLUX optical sheet can adjust illuminating areas and produce a variety of different light-emitting shapes.
The optical sheet of MEMSLUX is made of flexible material that is light, thin, and unbreakable. In addition, various applications such as attaching optical sheets to the curved surface through shape deformation are highly space-efficient.


Jun-bo Yoon Professoer of the laboratory, ‘3DMNSL‘, in KAIST School of Electrical Engineering


Hello. I would like to thank all of you for your interest in MEMSLUX first. I’m Jun-bo Yoon, co-founder and CEO of MEMSLUX.

MEMSLUX was founded in May 2017 and is a technology-based start-up that is developing a "transparent lighting sheet“. MEMSLUX lighting sheet is a unique lighting film that is transparent and at the same time, it emits light in one direction of the sheet, enabling new lighting aids and privacy windows that have never existed in the world before.

Through years of research at KAIST School of Electrical Engineering, the technology has been verified through more than 10 renowned international optical journals, and more than 10 domestic and international patents have been granted.

MEMSLUX has the company’s vision of ‘a company that challenges and develops without disruption’ and ‘a small but strong technology company’. We will develop our core technology making our company that will gain trust with our customers and help our society.